The Wiki Where People Make Plans (NO PICNIC PLANNING ALLOWED)

What shall we do today? What shall we do today? What shall we do today? What shall we do?

  • Note: it is acceptable to substitute "i" for "we"

Potential Fun Things To Do - List them hereEdit

  • Fill a pool with jello and bounce (or sink) in it.
  • Both a pie making and eating competition
  • Jam (like musically)
  • Jam (like with bread and peanut butter)
  • Paint a picture
  • Learn a skill together
  • Tuesday dealzy cinema fun

Events That Will Take Place (Event/Place/Date/Time)Edit

Things to consider when planning a hang out/in with DQ:

- Mondays: busy with volunteering and work til 8pm

- Tuesdays: day off spent doing errands, with an afternoon accordion lesson and maybe a spinning class

- Wednesdays: work 9:30-5

- Thursdays: work 9:30-5

- Fridays: work 11:30-7ish. Prefer not to have a late night, since....

...- Saturdays: 8:30-4!

- Sundays: day off

  • Additional notes: I work in the east end, so tack on an extra 20-30mins for travel time
  • I work on the Danforth at Chester...if you ever feel like having Greek food.

Things to consider when planning a hang out/in with MB:

- Mondays: work 8:30 - 5**

- Tuesdays: work 8:30 - 5** Yoga 6:00 - 7:30

- Wednesdays: work 8:30 - 5**

- Thursdays: work 8:30-5** Yoga 6:00 - 7:30

- Fridays: work 8:30 - 5**

- Saturdays: Adventure time

- Sundays: Adventure time

Additional Notes:

(**)work could go up to 6:00 PM depending on how busy I am.

  • I work at Bay and Bloor in the daytime. My business is still somewhat in tact, so I might have clients to serve in the evening.

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